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My name is Lequawn James. I’m a nurse practitioner in both mental health and addiction medicine, as well as orthopedics and sports medicine. Although these practices are on different realms of the healthcare spectrum, I find both very rewarding in their own way. In both, I have the unique opportunity to give patients a second chance at life through mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional health rebuilding. On the orthopedic side, I encounter many patients who have spent years in pain without results from various surgeries and the use of painkillers. Through naturopathic and homeopathic treatments, I am given the opportunity to help them relieve pain, and increase their activity level and function without the use of countless narcotics and surgery. I provide an alternative answer without significant downtime. My office is not just a place where we specialize in treating pain. I also treat patients’ abnormal hormones and the various symptoms that develop as a result of these abnormalities, through the use of the Biote method (pellet insertion). I do a multitude of treatments with Platelet-rich plasma not only for joint pain, tendon, and ligament tears but additionally for skin rejuvenation through vampire-facials, hair restoration or those who suffer from hair-loss, as well as botox and fillers. In my practice, I want to treat the whole patient, not just one complaint.

I am certified by the American Board of Nurse Practitioners, Biote certified to implement pellets for hormone replacement therapy and thyroid treatments, Botox and filler certified, as well as A Certified Addiction Counselor and Nurse Practitioner.

Before I became a nurse practitioner, I spent nearly 8 years working in the emergency department and intensive care unit as a nurse where I saw and treated everything you can name. I attribute all of my skills of today to the many years in the trenches as a nurse.

Before becoming a nurse, I played four years of college football where I was an All-Conference, All-American Football player. Now my hobbies include working out, coming up with macro-friendly meals for patients and friends to try, traveling, and playing on a competitive flag football travel team.